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If you have recently lost a loved one and need help navigating the estate administration or trust administration process, the attorneys at General Knox Law, P.C., can help. We can guide you through “probate,” which is the court-supervised process of transferring personal property upon a person’s death.

Although probate customs and laws have changed over time, the purpose has remained much the same: to formalize an individual’s intentions (typically documented in a will). Probate administration involves the collection of property, such as real estate, money, stocks, and personal belongings; paying off certain debts from the estate; and distributing the remaining assets.

Because probate administration generally takes place during times of grief, hiring an experienced probate attorney to handle this legal burden with compassionate, dependable services is important. Our probate attorneys can assist the executor of a will or administrator of an estate with the initial proceedings to petition to probate an estate, and ensure that the executor or personal representative of the will or estate is effectively appointed through the court and complies with any notification requirements.

Our attorneys understand that each case is unique and each family dynamic possesses different issues.
We will take the time to listen and help you navigate through the legal process, through the courts, and through one of the more difficult times in one’s lifetime.

The attorneys at General Knox Law, P.C., are also experienced in several related practice areas, including Elder Law, Estate Planning, Family Law, and Real Estate Law.

If you have been named an executor of a loved one’s estate, recently lost a family member who did not have a will, or are involved in a contested will, contact us today for a consultation.

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